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Author: Catherine Arteaga
Publication Date: Oct 08 2020
Pages: 8
Report Type: Teligen
Teligen Bundled Communication Price Benchmarking

Teligen Bundle Benchmarking H2 2020

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Report Summary:

Teligen’s H2 2020 update of its Bundle Benchmarking service includes the OECD Bundled Service basket proposals currently being considered by the OECD.

The H2 2020 update of the Teligen Bundle Benchmarking service is now available for download and is based on bundle pricing in July-Sep 2020.

The service provides comprehensive pricing of bundled service offers from over 110 providers across 36 countries worldwide, allowing extensive analysis of any bundle combination from double play to quadruple or quintuple play based on the following services: Fixed Broadband, Fixed Voice, Mobile Broadband, Mobile Voice and Data, Pay TV. Users can easily flick through the results of the different bundle baskets and see the cheapest prices meeting the minimum requirements – either per country or per provider.

In this update we noted that in Hungary UPC has been rebranded as Vodafone Hungary. In Korea T-broad has merged with SK Telecom.

Figure 1 shows the results for a low Fixed Broadband, Fixed Voice and Pay TV basket, where the minimum speed requirement is 25 Mbps for fixed broadband, fixed voice usage is 20 calls per month and the TV requirement is for 20 channels

Figure 1: Teligen Bundle Benchmarking Cheapest FBB-FV-TV Bundle, Low basket

Source: Teligen Bundle Benchmarking Service, H2 2020, Strategy Analytics Ltd

Latvian Livas Telecommunications features as the cheapest, at just under USD PPP32,  with theKabeļtelevīzija + Optika 50 + Tālrunis offer, which includes a 50 Mbps fixed broadband service and 48 TV channels. Next cheapest is “Duo” from Slovak Rep. Swan/Max Multimedia at just under USD PPP33, is a ‘Build your own’ offer, allowing the user to build as closely to their own requirements as possible.   Third and fourth cheapest are UPC Czech and Bouygues in France, at just under USD PPP40.

At the upper end, the two most expensive countries are Iceland (USD PPP 125) – most expensive with a 1 Gbps bundled offering from Siminn, and Verizon from USA, at USD PPP 119. The average cost across all countries for this triple play low-range basket is USD PPP 63.

Figure 2 shows the results providers in Portugal for a medium-low Fixed Broadband, Fixed Voice, Mobile Voice - data and Pay TV basket, where the minimum speed requirement is 100 Mbps for fixed broadband, fixed voice usage is 60 calls per month, 5GB mobile data usage and the TV requirement is for 30 channels and includes premium movies.

Figure 2: Teligen Bundle Benchmarking Country Focus on Portugal for quadruple play medium-low use basket

Source: Teligen Bundle Benchmarking Service, H2 2020, Strategy Analytics Ltd

The most expensive provider is Vodafone Portugal, with its Pacotes Com Movel: 170 Canais, 200/100 Mbps offering, which includes a €35 discount for 24 months on the standard rental of €87 and double broadband speed of 200Mbps, while MEO is the cheapest with its M4 Fibra 200 canais plan, which includes also free speed upgrade and 24 month discount, this time of €22 on the standard rental of €74. For this basket, however, the three providers have broadly equivalent costs, with less than €8 difference between the cheapest and the most expensive.

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