bundle-benchmarkingTeligen Bundled Communication Price Benchmarking

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Author: Edouard Bouffenie
Publication Date: Jun 01 2018
Pages: 97
Report Type: Teligen
Teligen Bundled Communication Price Benchmarking

Pay TV Price Benchmarking November 2017

Report Summary:

As traditional Pay TV offers  are facing an increasingly strong pricing competition from OTT Subscription Video on Demand content providers, Pay TV operators are increasingly adapting their pricing and product strategy, with greater focus on mobility ( TV on the go accessible on different devices) and flexibility (pick and mix channel plans with rolling contracts) to answer emerging consumer needs.


Our latest Pay TV report contains an in-depth look at the market status and uses price data from November 2017,  building on previous reports based on price data collected since November 2015 and covers 30 OECD countries1. The Pay TV report November 2017 includes two main documents:

  • Pay TV Prices in OECD countries November 2017 which compare the cheapest prices of various Pay TV baskets /  requirements across the 30 countries.
  • Pay TV Country Profiles which provide a quick overview of Pay TV prices for each of the 30 countries included in the study.


The prices of the cheapest Pay TV offers vary significantly across the 30 countries tracked for many different reasons such as the type of technology used for distribution to the fact that Pay TV is only offered as part of a bundle including other telecom services such as fixed broadband or fixed voice. The average price of the cheapest Pay TV offers across the 30 countries tracked is increasing by 3.1% in November but pricing trends continue to vary significantly from country to country from a decline of nearly 25% in Greece to an increase of over 45% in Poland.


The Pay TV profiles provide a useful summary of the Pay TV market for the 30 countries tracked, including cheapest prices for all providers tracked, historical pricing trends, cheapest offer prices for several requirement types from the most basic to more advanced requirements including premium sport and cinema channels as well as DVR capability. The profiles also include useful top line Pay TV statistics for each country.