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Author: Josie Sephton
Publication Date: Nov 14 2012
Pages: 5
Report Type: Insight, Word

 OECD Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband Q3 2012 - results for newly approved OECD mobile broadband baskets now available

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Report Summary:

The latest update of the Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking service presents results for the newly approved OECD mobile broadband baskets, covering both laptops and tablets. Comparing the cheapest plan per country, the average cost of usage for postpaid plans is significantly lower than for prepaid plans across all baskets – PPP$20.39 compared to PPP$45.38. The average advertised maximum download speed has increased significantly over the third quarter of 2012 as a result of LTE deployment and upgrades to HSPA/HSPA+ technologies, and now stands at 21.3 Mbps. Similarly, the average monthly data allowance for postpaid plans has increased by over 10% during the last quarter and is now 9.5 GB.

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