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Author: Johanna Helgadottir
Publication Date: Oct 19 2020
Pages: 8
Report Type: Teligen
OECD Fixed Broadband

OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking Q3 - 2020

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Report Summary:

OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking Q3 - 2020

The latest OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking service is now available for download. The current update includes 2503 single and bundled broadband plans from the 37 OECD countries. Residential and business plans are collected where available. Germany and Ireland have introduced a temporary lower VAT rates in reaction to the COVID pandemic, this is reflected in the system.  

When reviewing the high usage baskets in the OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking system and comparing the results with the results of Q3 of 2019, for the basket requiring 360GB data allowance and speeds over 100Mb/s, providers from all of the OECD member states have offers. In the year between these updates the Finnish provider DNA Welho not only drops off the top spot but is replaced by Elisa-Sauhnalahti. The top spot is swiftly taken over by Dansk Kabel TV in Denmark. In 2019, Mexican provider Izzi was third most expensive provider but its competitor Megacable makes a valiant jump out of the most expensive zone. Movistar in Colombia moves off the bottom place but does not stray far in the Q3 2020 update.  

                 2020                                                       2019

In September 2019, service providers in 27 of the then 36 OECD member states and Colombia, offered packages that fulfilled the the highest speed and highest volume basket: 900GB data allowance and speed over 1000Mb/s. In September 2020 this increased to 32 out of the current 37 member states - Colombia is now a full member.

When looking at the basket with 900GB and speeds over 1000 Mb/s, the Austrian provider Magenta is by far most expensive in 2019 but by the latest update it has reduced the cost of its cheapest plan for this basket by nearly 50%, escaping the dreaded bottom place. Superonline in Turkey, a new provider to this basket, takes the most expensive place; time will tell if the Turkish providers will go the way of other OECD providers and lower the prices for these high speed high volume packages. The cheapest provider in New Zealand, Vocus, is in second to last place which is a fall from grace as Vodafone in New Zealand had a comfortable seat mid table in September 2019. However, there are a couple of high jumpers between these updates in September 2019 and September 2020. Tango-Proximus in Luxembourg, and Starnet in Czech Republic both make a respectable entrance to the middle of the table from the most expensive lower end.

               2020                                             2019

For further insights into global fixed broadband pricing, current subscribers can download the latest system. If you need any assistance with using the system, please contact us.

If you do not subscribe to the service, but would like to know more, please contact us and we will be happy to help.



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