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Author: Susan Welsh De Grimaldo

Publication Date: Feb 05 2013

Pages: 31

Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint

 Service Providers

Unlimited versus Tiered Smartphone Data Plans Market Evolution and Opportunity

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Report Summary:

Smartphone data pricing has evolved significantly since the early days of 3G, with many operators moving from unlimited data plans to tiered plans with data caps as mobile data usage soared. Yet in 4G markets like the US and UK, a new round of competition is heating up with unlimited vs. tiered data. Strategy Analytics dives into the details to look at why--or why not--to offer unlimited data, digging into consumer feedback from surveys conducted among mobile phone owners in US, UK, China as well as market trends from around the globe. Analysis includes what happens--and what consumers prefer--when data caps are reached, what types of plans would attract users still on unlimited data, interest in monitoring data use in real-time on device and impact of mobile video. Will today's unlimited plans have a market impact, or does high interest among smartphone owners in personalized plans hint at a new wave of value propositions for mobile data pricing?

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