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Author: Susan Welsh De Grimaldo

Publication Date: Nov 05 2010

Pages: 46

Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint

 Service Providers

Tapping the Tablet Opportunity (Presentation)

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Report Summary:

Tablets are hot. Strategy Analytics is delighted to announce an invitation-only, webinar addressing the evolving tablet market, including the role for mobile operators. We invite you to join our analysts who will showcase some of our latest research and corresponding analysis of mobile operators, device vendors, and content owners/retailers as they hone their tablet and service positioning strategies and tackle potential issues in order to drive growth.

- Tablets are on track to becoming the fastest selling convergent device ever

- Who can stop Apple from dominating the Tablet market?

- Should mobile operators subsidize tablets to drive market growth and value?

- Can content providers support the pricing of tablets and change the traditional device value chain?

- What impact will tablets have on mobile operator networks?

- Current tablet offers and the evolution of 3G/4G service plans and prices

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