Author: Tom Elliott

Publication Date: Oct 17 2011

Pages: 5

Report Type: Insight, Word

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Aakash $38 Tablet is Not the Game Changer in Emerging Markets - But the Game will Change

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Report Summary:

On 5 October 2011, India’s Minister of Human Resource Development announced the introduction of the Aakash, an Android tablet with a 7 inch screen, manufactured by Datawind and carrying a base price of US$ 38. The government intends to distribute an initial 100,000 units to university students, with potential additional purchases of up to 10 million units. Although the price point is certainly attention-getting, research that Strategy Analytics is in the process of conducting with potential middle class purchasers of “second screen” devices suggests that the price-performance bar for mass market consumer success is considerably higher than the Aakash. A more robust set of specifications, even at a somewhat higher price, will be necessary to tap the potentially large demand for second screens in the developing world.

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