Author: Kevin Nolan

Publication Date: Apr 29 2019

Pages: 28

Report Type: Buyer Analysis

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5G's Biggest Selling Point is its Ability to Resolve Consumer Pain-Points

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Report Summary:

Although mobile network evolution to 5G technologies is already underway, consumer satisfaction with the current 4G mobile data experience is high.  While 5G will produce upgraded speeds, with improvements focused on spectrum/channel optimization and high frequency usage, consumers may ask "Why should we shift to 5G?"  To answer this question, Strategy Analytics' UXS research team conducted focus groups with consumers in the UK and US.  Consumer awareness and understanding of 5G was found to be extremely limited.  However, when the technology benefits are explained, the most compelling aspects of 5G were the ability to solve existing pain points, especially improved connectivity potential in high network demand situations.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Methodology

Consumer Attitudes Towards 5G and the Mobile Data Experience

5G Use Cases

Findings and Conclusions

Research Contacts

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