Author: Susan Welsh De Grimaldo

Co Author: Phil Kendall

Publication Date: Nov 01 2018

Pages: 7

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Service Providers

$$1,550 Annual Value Add in T-Mobile ONE Helping Drive Record Low Postpaid Phone Churn

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Report Summary:

Postpaid pricing remains as competitive as ever in the US market. With unlimited voice, text and data plans now widely available, wireless service providers have adopted a strong focus on value-add differentiation and a tiered unlimited plan structure. T-Mobile’s value add tops out at $1,550 per annum for a single line, or over $5,150 for a family of four, significantly higher than its rivals. While not all the value add offers will appeal to each subscriber, the savvy consumer can unlock significant value with the T-Mobile unlimited plans.


This report has been published with inputs from T-Mobile US.

Table of Contents

  • T-Mobile Continues to Set Postpaid Standards with its Un-carrier Options

  • Unpacking the Value in T-Mobile ONE

  • How the Competition Stacks Up
  • Implications

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