5G Use Cases, Business Models and Market Positioning
    5G opportunities across enhanced broadband, consumer applications and machine type communications. Business models, use cases, market outlook.

    CSP Strategies & Telco of the Future
    Service Provider strategic pillars & scenarios for evolution, what type of CSPs will win in 2025?

    Multiplay and New Services Market Opportunities
    Consumer interest & CSP strategies around multiplay market development, which technologies will dominate multiplay landscape

    Customer Engagement and Digital Transformation
    Service Provider evolution to stay relevant and connect more directly with customers & their needs. Customer loyalty, engagement, personalization, etc.

Mobile_OperatorsAbout Service Providers

Strategy Analytics has worked with operators in Europe, North America, Asia and globally for over 30 years.

We provide both a deep and broad perspective of Communication Service Provider (CSP) evolution and a clear view of the strategic options and directions required of CSPs in an increasingly demanding ecosystem. Our experts provide clients with unrivaled insights into the competitive environment and challenges facing operators in delivering wireless, fixed broadband and multiplay services. 

The Service Provider Strategies (SPS) service provides comprehensive coverage of:

  • market sizing of connections, revenue and traffic, and perspectives on user behaviour across wireless, fixed broadband and multiplay services
  • multiplay market opportunities and growth trajectories
  • CSP positioning and Telco of the Future evolution
  • 5G use cases and market positioning
  • developing the business models that will help CSPs unlock service opportunities enabled by new network technologies
  • how CSPs can boost customer engagement on the path to becoming truly customer-centric digital service providers.

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