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Author: Susan Welsh De Grimaldo
Publication Date: Dec 07 2017
Pages: 6
Report Type: Insight, Word

 Networks & Service Platforms

Using DevOps and Microservices Case Study: Openet Aids in Upgrading Real-time Charging to Meet Business Needs

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Report Summary:

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Openet has engaged Strategy Analytics as a partner in the preparation of this report to raise the visibility of CSPs using DevOps to launch features for real-time charging in a microservices environment to drive innovation.

Innovation does not just happen, it needs to be enabled. To get innovation to market where it can add value to your customers, you need processes and tools that provide agility and fast time to market. At a Tier 1 North American operator, the IT group inside the network team that is responsible for charging and policy moved to a new DevOps approach working on sprints to launch features for real-time charging in a microservices environment, in conjunction with its vendor Openet and other partners.

In this case study, based on an in-depth interview with the head of the network IT team at a Tier 1 North American operator, Strategy Analytics looks at the process of transformation and lessons learned that are valuable for other operators to consider as they undergo their own digital transformations to increase agility and drive to business needs.

Table of Contents

  1. A Desire to Innovate Drives Move to DevOps and Microservices for Online Charging
  2. The Challenge: Not Adding Enough Business Value
  3. A New Approach: “Take the Lead” with DevOps and Microservices
  4. Tackling the Move to DevOps and Microservices with OCS Upgrade
  5. Rewriting the Vendor Relationship: Vendor as Trusted Co-Development Partner
  6. Lessons Learned: Insights for other CSPs
  7. How Can We Help You?

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