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Top Six Things that NFV is Good for in 2017 - Six NFV Applications Demonstrate Business Value and the Processes needed to Deploy NFV

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Report Summary:

The Hype of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is over and now Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are wrestling with the challenges of their first commercial deployments.

This report summarizes the top Six NFV Applications that can deliver business results in 2017 - SD-WAN, vCPE, Virtualization of legacy infrastructure, Telco Cloud Data Center, ‘Operations First’ and Service Creation. For each of the six we briefly summarize the capabilities and service provider value.

There are signs of an NFV ‘backlash’ today, as several CSPs have run into challenges as they attempted to simultaneously deploy both brand new NFV functionality and new operations processes - especially when tools for service management and orchestration were not fully available.

The report summarizes a parallel and step wise approach that can help CSPs minimize risk and steadily deploy both new processes and new software to ‘Make Haste Slowly’.

Table of Contents

NFV is starting up the ‘Hockey Stick’ growth curve

Six Things NFV is good for in 2017

  1. SD-WAN
  2. vCPE
  3. Pre-NFV SDN-based domain control of virtualized legacy infrastructure equipment
  4. NFV in Telco Data Center using SDN controllers
  5. ‘Operations First’ Implement OSS process change first strategy
  6. New agile processes for Service Creation and User Controlled Service Activation

“Never a New Process and a New Product at the same time”

Two Steps forward and One Step Sideways

Parallel approach leads to Service Agility and Time to Market

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