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Software Lessons for Telcos: Learning from IT and Cloud - featuring Brad Boston’s Fables

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Report Summary:


Communications Service Providers (CSPs) aiming to become software driven Operators should leverage the expertise and tools developed not only by the new Cloud Service Providers but also by the Computer and IT industry over the last half century.

This report is structured around five key areas where CSP’s can accelerate their digital transformation. Five key Lessons developed by Brad Boston President and CEO of NetNumber are:

  • . Leverage IT Tools — Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel
  • . Software approach determines Time to Market
  • . Save the Service not the Hardware
  • . Components Upgradable in Real Time
  • . Know What Changed Last

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

  • . Software and DevOps are at the heart of the Telecomms Digital Transformation
  • . Rapid Software Evolution Demands new Development, Testing and Deployment Processes
  • . NFV has become the ‘forcing function’ for Communications Service Provider (CSP) Software Processes and Organizational Change
  • . Telecomms evolves Cloud I/O to Telco Cloud ‘Compute, Storage and Network’
  • . Learning from Cloud and IT to capture benefits of Tools and Automation

2. Virtualization, Virtual Machines (VMs), Containers and Microservices at Webscale without Massive Complexity

3. Simplifying Complexity - Learning from Cloud Service Providers

4. High Availability Redefined for High Frequency Software Updates

5. CSPs need to move beyond today’s Cloud Service providers to achieve Reliability, Guarantee QoS under and Global Synchronization

6. Plan for Software Failure and Problem Resolution with Strong Process for Configuration and Change Management

7. Recommendations for CSPs

8. Key Conclusions - Brad’s Five Morals


Brad’s Five Morals and Key Mottos





Carriers who learn from the Experience of the IT world and leverage the wealth of tools for software and workload management will transform their operations twice as fast

Leverage IT Tools - Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel


Carriers who architect new software for services. Instead of virtualizing old appliances, will offer new services much faster

Software approach determines Time to Market


In a world of more frequent software changes Preserve Service and Network Access not Servers and Appliances

Save the Service not the Hardware


Failure of any one server should have the smallest possible impact on the total operation

Components upgradable in real time


Simplify Problem Resolution Complexity with Strong Process and Change Management

Know What Changed Last

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