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Monitoring Performance for End-to-End (E2E) Quality of Experience (QoE) as Access Goes Dark. Survey of Current & Future Solutions

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Report Summary:

Players like Google and Facebook now use HTTPS for mobile user access to their portals. As a result the Radio Access Network (RAN) is "Going Dark" for traditional tools that depended on HTTP headers to identify sessions/applications. This presentation surveys the new approaches that are available to allow operators to do performance management with Client/Edge applications, Base Station/Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), Upper Layer DPI, Secure Traffic Analysis, Signaling, or Session/Flow & App. Monitoring. 
Operators have long been challenged to link such network performance monitoring to users' actual Quality of Experience (QoE). The presentation shows some examples of new ways to do this and indicates how some SDN/NFV approaches are moving to manage 'Flows' and performance of 'Network Slices'.

Table of Contents

Monitoring Performance for End-to-End (E2E) Quality of Experience - Survey of Current & Future Solutions

• Quality of Experience (QoE) Challenges
• Monitoring Performance:
§ Traditional DPI/HTTP Proxy Approach
• “Access is Going Dark”
• New Approaches to Monitoring:
§ Client/Edge
§ Base Station/Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
§ Upper Layer DPI
§ Secure Traffic Analysis
§ Signaling
§ Session/Flow & App. Monitoring  approaches
• Linking Network Performance to User Experience
§ Integrating Network & Subscriber Views
• New Approaches to Session/Flow by Flow Identification
          § Service Flows/Logic Chaining & ‘Network Slices’ under SDN/NFV
• Conclusions

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