Author: Guang Yang

Publication Date: Feb 22 2019

Pages: 6

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Networks & Service Platforms

Could Private LTE/5G Be an Opportunity for Open RAN Initiative?

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Report Summary:

The Open RAN community is extending the scenarios for Open RAN deployment from primarily rural applications to urban and indoor environments. But it is still challenging for telecom operators to adopt Open RAN in high traffic and high value urban areas. Regulators and industry players in developed countries see the potential of private LTE/5G networks. Could Private 4G/5G Networks offer an opportunity for the Open RAN initiative?

Table of Contents

Open RAN Extending beyond Rural to Urban and Indoor Scenarios

Challenges Remain for Open RAN in Operator Networks

Private LTE/5G Gathering Momentum

What Might Happen When Open RAN meets Private LTE/5G Enterprise Network? 
Key Questions Remain

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