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Cloud Native for the 5G Core: Enabling Mobile Operators to compete with Cloud Hyperscalers

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Report Summary:

Cloud technologies are fundamentally reshaping the way the telecoms industry designs many aspects of communications.

NFV was the first stage of a paradigm shift to Network Virtualization. With 5G Service Based Architectures (SBA) however, service providers are moving to the next stage with true Cloud-Native software, decomposed Service Functions implemented as Microservices and Network ‘as a Service’ (NaaS) capabilities.

Cloud Native deployment leverages new accelerated processes based on Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) in which software blocks are developed and delivered in parallel with highly automated integration and testing. And Cloud Native management software can efficiently orchestrate services across multiple domains e.g. public, private and hybrid clouds.

Operators that fully embrace a cloud-native 5G SBA will gain massive benefits

In this overview we provide a Pocket Guide to Cloud Native, summarize the impact of Cloud Native in 5G, and its key role as an enabler for competition with the hyperscalers.

This overview was originally published by Enea Openwave as part of an ebook ‘Secrets of Data Management for the 5G Core’. The complete ebook is available here.

Table of Contents

  • What is Cloud Native?
    • Separating cloud ready from cloud native
    • How to spot cloud-native software
  • Why is 5G driving service providers to go Cloud-Native?
  • Specific Benefits of Cloud-Native platforms for mobile operators
  • The first Cloud-Native use case: Private 5G networks
  • What is the hyperscalers’ agenda?
  • Cloud Native Data Management anchors Evolution to 5G Core
    • UDM and 5G UDSF
    • Network or common data layer
    • More than 50% of operators plan to move to a common network data layer for 5G
  • Advantages mobile operators have over web hyperscalers
  • Cloud Native containerization for efficiency, flexibility and lowered costs

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