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5G Service Based Architecture (SBA) - Design Principles for Unstructured Data Storage Function (UDSF)

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Report Summary:

In the first report ‘5G Shared Data Environment (SDE) - Critical enabler for 5G Service Based Architecture’ we identified 5G requirements for SDE. Here in this second report also sponsored by HPE and Intel, we identify the design requirements for the new 5G 3GPP Unstructured Data Storage Function (UDSF).

UDSF is critical for 5G ‘Cloud Native’ operations in a Service Based Architecture (SBA) where every traditional network function or NF is accessible ‘as a service’ via the Service Based Interface (SBI) and state data is externalized to a real time data store.

In the near term as 5G rolls out incrementally, the 4G Unified Data Repository (UDR) and 5G UDSF must work together to support end user services seamlessly without compromising 5G performance or design.

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Table of Contents

5G Service Based Architecture (SBA) Changes the Game

  • 5G demands Cloud Native UDSF
  • Cloud Native Microservices are Stateless
  • Cloud Native 5G needs new Unstructured Data Storage Function (UDSF)

UDSF - Unstructured Data Storage Function

  • 5G is not only a new Set of Acronyms, Data Functions are different
  • UDSF must meet very tough requirements
  • Latency
  • Transactions per Second

Preliminary Guidelines for UDSF Design and Operations 

  1. Guidelines for Database Design – Matching Solutions to Requirements
    • Software practices
    • 5G UDSF demands a truly distributed database architecture
  2. Guidelines for Operations - Deployment and Run-Time
  • Deployment scenarios

Transition for 4G to 5G requires hybrid UDR UDSF solution.

  • Summary of 5G UDSF Capabilities

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