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Author: Dan Grossman
Publication Date: Oct 04 2021
Pages: 23
Report Type: Forecast and Outlook
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Technology Roadmap for Passive Optical Networks: The Next Step is 50G PON

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Report Summary:

The fixed access telecom industry is in transition from 3rd-Generation PON (1-2.5G PON, including GPON and GEPON) to 4th Generation PON (10G PON, including XG-PON, XGS-PON, 10G EPON, and NG-PON2). XGS-PON is now leading in this transition. The next step in the roadmap is 50G PON. This will mark a significant change in the architecture of PON OLT and ONT transceivers. 100G, 200G and even faster PONs are in the research phase. Other PONs are also proposed, but outside the mainstream.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary. 4

2. Progress of 10G PON.. 6
2.1 10G PON is the mainstream... 7
2.2 XGS-PON ONTs are nearing price parity with GPON ONTs. 7
2.3 “Combo” OLT Ports Facilitate Transition. 8

3. The Next Step is 50G PON.. 9
3.1 Timeline for the Next Generation. 9
3.2 50G PON is Now a Standard. 9
3.3 Progress Toward 50G PON Commercialization. 10
3.4 Other Solutions. 12
3.4.1 50/25G EPON.. 12
3.4.2 25GS-PON.. 13
3.4.3 SuperPON.. 14
3.4.4 WDM PON.. 15

4. Beyond 50G PON.. 16

5. Conclusions. 18
5.1 Technology Roadmap Beyond 2020. 18
5.2 Recommendations. 21
5.2.1 Deploy XGS-PON.. 21
5.2.2 Minimize Unique PON Technologies. 21
5.2.3 Consider Point-to-Point for Very High-Rate Tactical Applications. 22
5.2.4 50G PON is a Strategic Future Solution   22 

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