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Author: Angela Toal

Publication Date: Jan 06 2012

Pages: 3

Report Type: Insight, Word

 OECD Mobile Voice

Improved Offers for Low Users in France Portugal and Spain in Latest Teligen OECD Voice Price Benchmarking Update

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Report Summary:

The November 2011 update of Teligen’s OECD Voice Price Benchmarking (formerly T-Basket) is now available. This short insight highlights some of the changes for the 100 Calls basket in the mobile benchmarking service since the last update in August, reflecting the changes to operators’ portfolios up to the end of November 2011. We see that there has been somewhat less movement between September and November 2011 compared with the previous update covering June to August 2011, although Portugal, Spain and once again, France have improved their positions within this basket.

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