bundle-benchmarkingTeligen Bundled Communication Price Benchmarking

Teligen Bundled Communication Price Benchmarking

Teligen Bundle Price Benchmarking H1 2019

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Report Summary:

Teligen’s H1 2019 update of its Bundle Benchmarking service reveals that for a user requiring triple play (FBB-FV-MV), the cheapest offer comes from United Internet (1und1) in Germany, while Videotron in Canada is the most expensive.

The H1 2019 update of the Teligen Bundle Benchmarking service is now available for download, based on bundle pricing in January/February 2019

The service provides comprehensive pricing on bundled service offers from the main 3-4 providers across 40 countries worldwide, and allows users to view the cost of double, triple, quad and quint play services, using predefined usage baskets. Users can also build their own usage baskets, and tailor the country output.

The graph below shows the results for a basic triple play service covering fixed broadband, fixed voice and mobile voice (as a minimum set of services). The minimum broadband download speed required is 5 Mbps and there is no requirement (beyond the basic connection) on either fixed or mobile voice. Note that only 21 of the 40 countries for this particular bundle, and of these 21, 6 also include TV, and one includes mobile broadband. Considering exact bundles only (as opposed to the three services as a minimum requirement) would result in offerings from 17 countries, and in some cases, the exact bundle cost is the more expensive option. The smaller number of countries for which results are available (whether minimum set of services or exact bundles only is considered) reflects the reduced availability of bundle offering including mobile voice and data. While the inclusion of mobile services within bundles is seeing reasonable traction across developed countries, it remains significantly behind fixed services bundling which is available across all, or almost all countries.

Figure 1: Teligen Bundle Benchmarking: Triple play basic usage basket.
Source: Teligen Bundle Benchmarking Service January 2019 update

The cheapest per country offer – at USD PPP 36 per month - comes from United Internet (1und1) in Germany, with its 1&1 DSL 16 bundle, offering 16 Mbps unlimited fixed broadband, unlimited calls from fixed, unlimited calls from mobile, plus 0.1GB mobile data. The most expensive country for this bundle is Canada (Videotron), at USD PPP 105. Videtron’s offer includes 15 Mbps fixed broadband (download allowance of 50GB), unlimited calls from fixed, unlimited calls and SMS from mobile, plus 4GB mobile data.

Although the broadband download speed requirement for this basket is a very modest 5 Mbps, most services are significantly higher than this.

The chart below presents the price range of relevant bundles in each of the countries where the triple play FBB-FV-MV bundle is available (as a minimum).

Figure 2: Teligen Bundle Benchmarking: Price Range of Relevant Bundles

Source: Teligen Bundle Benchmarking Service January 2019 update

The service, which is aimed at service providers and regulators alike, is currently updated twice a year. A demo version of the system is available, as well as a demonstration video outlining the system layout and capabilities.

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