Author: Catherine Arteaga

Publication Date: Feb 04 2019

Report Type: Teligen

 OECD Mobile Broadband

OECD Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking Q4 2018

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Report Summary:

OECD Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking Q4 2018 update: 10 GB per month: Orange Poland, Sunrise Switzerland and Pelephone Israel have the cheapest tariffs across the OECD, at USD PPP 6, USD PPP 7 and USD PPP 10 respectively. Telcel Mexico, Softbank Japan and Bell Mobility Canada are the most expensive.  

The Q4 2018 update of the OECD Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking service is now available for download, and includes over 1,600 mobile broadband tariff plans from 108 providers across 37 countries. With Lithuania now part of the OECD, Lithuanian providers Telia, Tele2 and Bite now feature in the system.

For a mid-range to high range user requiring 10 GB of mobile data per month, Orange in Poland is the cheapest at just under USD PPP 5.7. Sunrise in Switzerland and Pelephone in Israel are second and third cheapest respectively, coming in at just under USD PP 6.7 and USD PPP 9.7.

Telcel in Mexico is the most expensive for this basket, with a tariff offering 6.5GB of data. At almost USD PPP 73, it is almost 13 times the cost of the Orange Poland offer. Slightly cheaper, but still on par with Telcel are Softbank of Japan and Bell Mobility of Canada.

Source: OECD Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking, December 2018, Teligen

We have observed a number of providers moving away from pure mobile broadband tariffs, and rather, offering mobile data only within a mobile voice tariff.  Both Movistar and Tigo in Colombia, Cellcom in Israel, and Yoigo in Spain are providers that no longer offer mobile broadband-only pricing. We anticipate seeing more providers following this trend in future.

Since the March 2018 update, the OECD Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking Service has included the new OECD 2017 baskets, and these are shown in the table below. There is now no distinction between device types, so all baskets can be used with any device. In addition, the usage tiers have been expanded to include a 20GB and a 50GB basket. Further, two short-term usage baskets have been included.


The 2010 baskets are still available within the system.

Historical pricing for the OECD countries over several years is also available. Please contact us for more details.

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