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Wi-Fi Calling Momentum Builds as Carriers Plan Voice Future

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Report Summary:

Wi-Fi Calling is being catapulted into the mainstream by operators seeking both to expand their HD Voice footprint for VoLTE and to offer seamless IP calling to fend off OTT voice apps. With increased network and device support for native Wi-Fi calling—especially from Apple and Samsung—more operators are moving aggressively to integrate Wi-Fi Calling into their service bundles to improve customer experience. 

The market for native Wi-Fi Calling is seeing accelerating growth in the second half of 2015, with multiple new operator launches in recent months and more trials and deployments in the works.
  To date, ten mobile operators have commercially launched or are in the process of rolling out Wi-Fi Calling, while at least ten other operators have announced plans or trials. 

This report examines what is driving as well as enabling the growing number of deployments of Wi-Fi Calling. Strategy Analytics assesses various business models being utilized, leading operators’ commercial launches or trials of native Wi-Fi Calling, and implications for the wireless industry.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 
2. Market Drivers and Enablers: Why the Surge in Wi-Fi Calling? 
    2.1 Market Drivers 
           2.1.1 Improve coverage for voice calls 
           2.1.2 Enhance services 
     2.2 Major Enablers: Network Readiness and Increased Device Support 
           2.2.1 Network Enablers 
           2.2.2 Device Enablers 
3. Deployments, Trials and Planned Launches 
     3.1 Current Wi-Fi Calling Deployments 
     3.2 Trials and Planned Operator Launches 
4. Implications and Recommendations 


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