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Author: Phil Kendall

Publication Date: Feb 19 2014

Pages: 10

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

 Service Providers

US Wireless Market Outlook 2013-2018

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Report Summary:

The US mobile market is dynamic, with 2014 seeing a continued fight for network superiority joined with increased emphasis on customer experience and competitive plans for both high and low ends of the market. Strategy Analytics predicts that there will be 3.7% growth in retail subscriptions (excluding consumer electronics) in 2014, with the top carriers maintaining their lead while Sprint shows a recovery in growth - at the expense of resellers and MVNOs. T-Mobile, which has shaken up the market with its "Un-Carrier" strategies, will still struggle with annual retail churn levels above 40% and not see gains in market share over the next five years as other carriers repond with their own pricing evolution. This report provides 5-year forecasts US mobile subscriptions, revenue, churn, net and gross additions, average revenue per user, voice traffic, cost per gross add and subsidy spend for the US wireless market with detail for top carriers.

Table of Contents

  • Title Page
  • Subs by Tech
  • Subs-Churn
  • Revenues-Minutes
  • Prepaid-Postpaid
  • CPGA
  • Appendices

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