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Author: Susan Welsh De Grimaldo

Publication Date: Nov 12 2015

Pages: 30

Report Type: Report, PowerPoint

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 Mobile Operators

Operator Innovation Strategies: Unlocking the next $1 Trillion

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Report Summary:

Can mobile operators generate the next trillion dollars in global revenues through innovation programs? 

In the last several years, a growing number of mobile operators around the world have honed in on the innovation culture from the Internet sector as something that operators should replicate as their businesses become more data and content centric. In the new digital world, some operators see innovation as central to their survival and effort to stay relevant in the evolving competitive landscape that includes over-the-top (OTT) companies grabbing customer mindshare and more value in digital mobile value chain. 5G is serving as a further catalyst to operator innovation.

Operators need to carefully evaluate their goals and objectives in order to develop an innovation strategy, and can benefit by looking at examples and best practices from leading global operators with a variety of innovation approaches. 


Table of Contents

  • Mobile Operator Innovation: Why and How?
  • Mobile Operator Innovation Approaches: Global Leaders
  • 5G: Catalyst for Innovation
  • Sizing the Opportunity, Measuring Success, and Building Best Practices

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