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Author: Phil Kendall

Publication Date: Jul 28 2015

Pages: 17

Report Type: Report, Word

 Mobile Operators

Global Momentum for Equipment Instalment Plans as Verizon/AT&T See Further Growth

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Report Summary:

De-coupled plans, breaking up a subsidized contract into separate service plans and device payment plans, are a growing feature of the mobile market; well established in markets such as Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Sweden, and increasingly dominant in the US. This report analyses the key customer and operator benefits of equipment instalment plans and leasing arrangements, and assesses their operational and financial impact.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. De-Coupled Plans: Benefits and Market Impact
2.1 De-Coupling Benefits
2.1.1 Device and Plan Flexibility
2.1.1 Device Mix and Affordability
2.1.1 Empowering Customers
2.2 De-Coupling Market Impact
2.2.1 US EIP Adoption and Finances
2.2.2 Sprint Lease
2.2.3 O2, UK
2.2.4 Sunrise, Switzerland
3. Conclusions and Recommendations

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