Virtual Reality Ecosystem

Games Industry Impacts of VR & AR

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Report Summary:

The games industry is investing heavily in VR and AR. 2016 will see major product launches such as Sony’s PS VR, Facebook’s Oculus, and HTC’s Vive. In this report we look beyond the hype to examine the implications of these new technologies. What impact will there be on the games industry? How will it shift revenues and profitability? What will be the broader effects outside the games industry and on the market for VR & AR?

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Games in Context

3.       Adoption

3.1     Virtual Reality Games

3.1.1       Console and PC VR

3.1.2       Mobile VR

3.1.3       Arcade VR

3.1.4       eSports VR

3.2     Augmented Reality Games

3.2.1       Success of Pokémon GO

3.2.2       AR: In-Home or Mobile Technology?

4.       Market Evolution Scenarios

4.1.1       Step 1: Installed Base

4.1.2       Step 2: Investment in VR & AR Games

4.1.1       Step 3: Consumer Experience

4.1.2       Steps 4-6: Continued Growth?

5.       Revenue Potential

5.1     Device Revenue

5.2     Content Revenue

5.3     What can be learnt from Pokémon GO?

6.       Conclusions

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