Author: David Macqueen

Publication Date: Jan 26 2018

Pages: 6

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Virtual Reality Ecosystem

CES 2018: VR & AR Roundup

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Report Summary:

The launch of the Vive Pro was the top news from CES 2018 in the VR space. There were also encouraging signs for VR in the content space as it matures and breaks out of the niche gaming segment. In AR, we saw a huge reduction in price points, but is it enough to break out of the enterprise market and tempt consumers? Traction is there in AR, but will 2018 be the tipping point?

Table of Contents

  1. VR Roundup
    1. VR Hardware
    2. VR Content
  2. AR Roundup
  3. Overall Impressions

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