Author: Wei Shi

Co Author: Nitesh Patel

Publication Date: Jan 30 2017

Pages: 15

Report Type: Report, Word

 Wireless Media

Should Mobile Operators Avoid Ad-Blocking?

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Report Summary:

While mobile ad-blocking is not new, the direct participation by mobile operators, e.g. Digicel in the Caribbean and Three in Europe, to block ads has taken the issue to a more contentious level. Should operators keep ad-blocking at arm’s length, or should they actively engage?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Why Consumers Block Ads on Mobile
3. Why Mobile Operators Desire to Block Ads
    3.1 Why Mobile Operators’ Direct Participation in Ad-Blocking Is Not The Best Idea
         3.1.1 Antagonizing multiple parties
         3.1.2 Not always serving consumer interest
    3.2 Blocking Not The Only Approach 
4. Conclusions and Recommendations 
    4.1 Winners and Losers 
    4.2 Recommendations


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