Author: Christopher Dodge

Publication Date: Jul 12 2016

Pages: 7

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Mobile Payments

Android Pay: Incentives and Location-Based Reminders Promote Greater Use

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics’ consumer research has identified that low consumer awareness of which stores accept mobile payments as a key barrier to regular mobile wallet use. A perception of low mobile payment acceptance by retailers further serves to undermine the utility of mobile wallets. Therefore, Strategy Analytics commends Google for the notification feature within Android Pay, which alerts users when they enter a location that accepts Android Pay and which prompts them to open the application from the lock screen. Innovations like the Android Pay notification feature are necessary to drive the adoption mobile payments to over 400 million by 2022.

Table of Contents

Android Pay Launches Incentives in US & UK to Promote Usage & Adoption
Android Pay Lets Users Know Where They Can Use It

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