• What factors are motivating and hindering consumer adoption of mobile payment services?
  • How big is the market for mobile payments and mobile money? Users, transaction volume and revenue?
  • TAM & Installed Base of NFC enabled handset shipments
  • How rapidly is NFC capability penetrating lower price tiers?
  • What other technology, including wearable devices, could transform mobile payments?
  • Which mobile payment/ wallet solution will win?
  • What are new solutions doing to attract consumers?

About Mobile Payments

Consumers are increasingly reliant on their mobile phones to manage daily tasks, yet the use of smartphones for payments remains limited due to a combination of low awareness of potential its benefits, lack of incentives to change, security and trust concerns, inertia, and fragmentation.

Simultaneously, mobile payment represents a key strategic service yet remains an unsolved ambition, for many players including banks, device vendors, mobile operators, digital wallet providers, retailers and internet giants.

Strategy Analytics’ Mobile Payment Service (MPS) provides a unique perspective combining insights into:

  • Payment dynamics across smartphones, wearables and other mobile devices.
  • Consumer Behavior, attitudes and barriers to adoption
  • Ecosystem coverage and benchmarking of competing platforms.
  • Retailer Perspectives on mobile payments

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