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Author: Christopher Dodge

Publication Date: Jul 31 2011

Pages: 40

Report Type: Benchmark

 Media and Services UX

"Pull" Mobile Advertisement Models Most Effective & Offer Consumers Control

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Report Summary:

In interviews with 42 US and UK mobile phone users, Strategy Analytics found that the majority would accept some form of mobile advertising, depending on their own level of control and incentives involved for consuming the advertisements. Participants were most interested in being able to view free versions of their favorite magazines and newspapers along with advertisements, in addition to more “pull” types of advertising, such as Mobile Barcodes and Location Check-Ins. Participants were least receptive to Advertising Ringbacks, Shared SMS, and Idle Screen forms of advertising. In order to effectively advertise to mobile users, ads must be relevant to the user, provide clear incentive for consumption, and instill control for the user to decide when and what advertisements are consumed.

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