• Which mobile services and applications do different consumer segments prioritize? Which will they pay for?
  • How are consumers using mobile content, services and applications today, and how will these usage patterns change in the future?
  • Which content delivery mechanisms, such as dedicated apps or web delivery, provide the best experience for mobile media and data services?
  • Which current mobile services provide the experiences that most closely meet user needs, and what unmet needs still exist?
  • What are the best practice guidelines for producing useful, usable and compelling mobile services and applications?

Media&Services_UX About Media & Services UX

In the Wireless Media Lab, we conduct some of the industry’s most extensive testing of how consumers use mobile services and applications, including browsing, media and messaging, context awareness and convergence. Our analysis of consumer needs, expectations and preferences provide the insights that clients need to develop products and services that are useful, usable and compelling.

Wireless Media Lab provides clients with invaluable data and insights into consumer behaviors, usage scenarios and implementation preferences for mobile media and services.

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