Author: Josh Martin

Publication Date: Apr 30 2015

Report Type: Webinar Replay

 Travel Apps

Webinar Replay: Finding and Winning Mobile Travelers

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Report Summary:

Less than 3% of users* have an airline or hotel app installed on their smartphone. In its entirety, the travel category, including airlines, hotels, rental cars, and Online Travel Agencies (OTA) represents less than 1% of all sessions observed on mobile devices. So, the question must be asked – how can travel companies find segments of users that are interested in traveling? Upon being found can airlines such as Delta, United or Southwest and Hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton leverage the 1:1 relationship created by an app to develop stickier customers?
  • Is Facebook the answer? Perhaps but Millennials are shying away.
  • Will messaging platforms offer a new hope? Most fail to gain substantial installed base.
  • Why it’s important to capture the mobile traveler?
  • Perhaps ownership of local travel apps is a sign of interest in travel? Only in specific cases
Finding mobile travelers and getting them to use your app is imperative. Travel companies are investing heavily in a race to add new functions and features to their applications. Competition from meta-search engines, over the top data aggregators such as Google Now and the reliance on OTAs has reduced brand value and loyalty. In order to succeed in mobile, travel companies must find where those interested in travel spend time on their devices.
  • Who is interested in travel?
  • Which apps do they use?
  • What Travel apps are most popular?
  • How to appeal to the mobile traveler?
These are just a few questions we will explore in the Webinar: Finding the Mobile Traveler. The session will rely on data from our proprietary AppOptix mobile telemetry panel of more than 2000 smartphone and tablet users as we seek to uncover the necessary partnerships, demographic make-up and platform that will yield higher download and conversion usage for travel companies.

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