Travel Apps About Travel Apps

Travel Analytics (TA) is the research service of the future and is a flagship program under the Analytics Research Services group of Strategy Analytics. By leveraging big data, cutting edge dashboards and experienced analysis TA provides those in the travel/hospitality industry the necessary insight into changing consumer behavior, the increasingly competitive landscape and custom KPIs to ensure continued success. The power of TA rests in the varied data sources the service leverages:

A proprietary panel of iOS and Android device owners providing a constant real time stream of data into handset and tablet usage across nearly every imaginable use case. By measuring actual activity, AppOptix eliminates survey bias, telescoping or other factors that impact direct survey response.

AppTRAX has been collecting data on the most frequently downloaded applications from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and others for more than three years. This data combined with usage information will provide compelling insight into the relationship between downloads and usage.

Survey Data
Leveraging the App Ecosystem Opportunities (AEO) developer panel alongside the Strategy Analytics’ consumer panel this data will provide insight into which platforms/categories/areas are of interest to developers and consumers.

Custom Analysis
Leveraging the aforementioned datasets alongside financial data, government data and market data TA will provide a comprehensive view of consumers, developers and the competition to ensure clients can act on changing trends before their competitors.