Author: Prabhat Agarwal

Publication Date: Jan 30 2019

Pages: 4

Report Type: Report, Word

 App Use

2018 Summary of Trends – Mobile Forms the Epicenter for All Computing Activities

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Report Summary:

2018 was another banner year in the mobile industry, as mobile usage continued to grow (particularly in data use) and mobile became further intertwined with consumer’s daily activities, serving as the hub for virtually all technology-related activities. The trends of the past year are especially relevant as app developers, wireless network providers and device OEMs look ahead to 2019 to identify the leading indicators for future insights.  This Insight report highlights trends and results from 2018 across AppOptix areas of coverage, including smartphones, applications, and wireless networks.

Table of Contents

Why this Matters?

Trend 1: Data Use (MB) Rose 19% Year over Year (YoY)
Trend 2: Unlimited Plans Continue to Extend Data Use
Trend 3: Minutes of Use Stabilizing
Trend 4: Smartphones with Best Battery Life for 2018
Trend 5:  Home Use Outpaces Out-of-Home Use
Final Analysis


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