• What activities are performed on mobile devices?
  • Where are these activities performed (at home, at work, while traveling, while shopping, etc.)?
  • How frequently are they performed?
  • When are they performed (time of day)?
  • Who performs them (demographics, power users, etc.)?, and,
  • On which devices (brands, models) are these activities performed?

App UseAbout App Use

What is Real-Time Mobile Insights?

Strategy Analytics has created an innovative process for collecting, storing, transmitting and assembling data via software-based sensors that enables the observation of real-time interactions between consumers and their mobile devices – providing a “window” into these activities.

Introducing AppOptix

AppOptix provides a robust implementation of a real-time mobile consumer tracking and intelligence platform deployed on a variety of mobile devices that includes smartphones and tablets using multiple mobile operating system environments such as Android and iOS. Combined with an opt-in panel of consumers and a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use set of business intelligence tools, AppOptix is a platform that provides unparalleled insights into the world of mobile device interactions by consumers.

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