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Author: David Macqueen

Publication Date: Jan 30 2013

Pages: 12

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Application Insights

Research no Longer In Motion as BlackBerry Jams on

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Report Summary:

On Wednesday January 30th RIM died and BlackBerry was born. A day that was meant to usher in the launch of BlackBerry 10 - a new operating system - also ushered in a new era for one of the stalwarts of the smartphone world. For the last few years pundits have said RIM was not able to compete with Apple or Google as a world class platform or Samsung and Apple as a pre-eminent hardware maker. While BlackBerry devotees have long decried such a notion it turned out the naysayers were right – Research in Motion could not compete - but BlackBerry can. Poised on the precipice of near certain doom BlackBerry executives delivered a new message about a platform, hardware, and an enterprise strategy that will serve as the cornerstone of its attempted rebound.

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