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Author: David Macqueen

Publication Date: Nov 24 2011

Pages: 5

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Application Insights

AppTRAX Insight Is BBM Social overcoming the discoverability challenge

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Report Summary:

App discovery is broken. App stores have failed to provide the mechanism necessary to allow users to easily discover new, useful, and relevant content instead leaving buyers amongst millions of virtual boxes to sort through the good and the bad on their own. In fact, discoverability is so bad that all ranked app stores fell into hostile territory in the recent App Store Competitive Index. Fortunately, app platforms are beginning to realize the quagmire they have gotten their users into and some are trying to find ways to improve discoverability and in the process make their app stores more attractive to developers. One company is Research in Motion which introduced BlackBerry Messenger Social in July which allows users to share, discover, and download apps through BBM. So, after several weeks we must ask – is it working?

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