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Author: David Macqueen

Publication Date: Jul 18 2012

Pages: 10

Report Type: Metrics, Excel

 Application Insights

App Market Share Tracker Q2 2012 Category Breakdown per Store

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Report Summary:

On June 11th Apple announced iOS6 its next generation operating system. Since then Google introduced Jelly Bean – its next update to Android and Microsoft previewed the key features of Windows Phone 8. The announcements achieve two important goals; they drive consumer interest in the platform but equally as important they drive developer interest in a platform and ensure the virtual app store shelves are stocked with new innovative apps. In the battle for the third major OS ecosystem, RIM’s been dealt a major blow. – it is missing from the new OS party as it delays its next generation operating system, BlackBerry 10, until 2013. This quarterly market share tracker will investigate these topics and other key megatrends in the apps space.

Table of Contents

    Category Count
    Category Count Free v Paid
    Catalogue Size Chart
    Apps added Chart
    Growth Chart

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