Author: Kevin Nolan

Publication Date: Jul 01 2016

Pages: 11

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

 Application Insights

Entertainment Tracker - June 2016 - iPhone, iPad, Google Play

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Report Summary:

Entertainment is at a cross-roads.

In established markets the cord cutting trend is disrupting established business models. In emerging markets OTT services are using apps to win new customers. Other non-video apps - such as Dubsmash - are becoming global phenomenon co-opting consumer screen time and creating new partnership opportunities.

In order to track these changing market dynamics, Strategy Analytics has launched the Entertainment App Tracker.

Table of Contents

  1. Title
  2. Table of Contents
  3. iPhone by Region
  4. iPhone by Country
  5. iPhone Top Apps - US & UK
  6. iPad by Region
  7. iPad by Country
  8. iPad Top Apps - US & UK
  9. GPlay by Country
  10. GPlay Top Apps - US & UK
  11. Contacts

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