Author: David Macqueen

Publication Date: Nov 28 2012

Pages: 9

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

 Application Insights

App Subscription Forecast 2008 - 2017

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Report Summary:

When Apple first introduced in-app subscription, publishers balked. The terms were too heavily weighted in Apple’s favour, Apple wouldn’t share subscriber information, and limitations on linking to external sign-ups were forbidden. It seemed the business model was dead on arrival. However, our analysis in the report When Publishers Attack, Apple Defends proved that there was a viable business model for distributing through the app store. Further validation was proven after just 18 months when publishers got on board, Apple loosened restrictions and as a result subscription revenue will surge to more than $4B in 2012.

Table of Contents

    Subscription Revenue
    Active Subscriptions
    Active Subscription Market Share
    Revenue Market Share

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