Author: Josh Martin

Publication Date: Mar 02 2016

Pages: 17

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The 5 critical questions to ask before choosing a mobile marketing automation vendor

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Report Summary:

Mobile matters.

According to Localytics1 time in app increased by 11% in 2015. For any company, understanding the customer journey now must include mobile. How a firm goes about achieving this will require a multi-faceted strategy that should include mobile marketing automation. Mobile marketing automation platforms allow companies to engage users across a range of channels. More importantly these tools enable personalization based on almost any defined activity within an application.

There are dozens of vendors competing for your business. That is both good news and bad news.  It’s good news because your business has very unique and specific goals and objectives that separate it from others, but with dozens of white papers, hundreds of case studies, daily blogs and a multitude of best practice reports - how can you be sure you can parse through all the relevant content to make informed decisions?

Before deciding on a vendor or even starting the vendor selection process you need to thoroughly evaluate several important questions. That is the goal of this report – to arm you with the framework you need – to make the right decisions for your business because the vendor you select could be the difference between success and failure.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
So, You Decided Mobile Marketing Automation Matters, Now What? 3
But First - Yes! Engagement Matters… 5

The Key Questions
How important is Omni-Channel? 7
Do you care about Machine Learning? 9
What Communication Channels Matter To You? 11
What kind of testing do you want? 13
How does mobile marketing automation fit in my ecosystem? 14

Other Considerations 15
Price & Pricing Structure 15
Is there an app? 15
Do you want a strategic partner? 15
What Next? 16
About Strategy Analytics 17

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