Author: Josh Martin

Publication Date: Jun 05 2015

Pages: 10

Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint

 Application Insights

May Apps Pulse - Apple, Google and Microsoft Prepare for the Future

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Report Summary:

The second quarter of the year has proven to be one of great change within the app space. Since April, much has happened:

·The Apple Watch launched in April
·Google I/O introduced Android M
·Microsoft finalized plans for Windows 10 release
·WWDC will usher in the era of iOS9

Most of this is big news – the information you cannot avoid. But there are many other stories shaping the app landscape that are worthy of note but easily overlooked. The stories discussed in this research impact the entire apps ecosystem and indicate key trends that will shape the market now and into the future. Some of these key trends include:

1. Microsoft hedging its bets in mobile
2.Potential slowing momentum for the Apple Watch
3.Google making app development a sustainable business
4.The future of apps may lay beyond the phone and the App Store
5.New business models will drive revenue

In fact, by evaluating these trends and understanding their broader context companies can better evaluate which stores, platforms and devices they need to support or can ignore. As app development becomes increasingly expensive as companies must support ever expanding ecosystems picking the right platforms, the right business models and the right devices is critical

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