Author: David Macqueen

Publication Date: Oct 21 2015

Report Type: Webinar Replay

 Application Insights

How to Ignite Innovation: Understanding App Developers and APIs

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Report Summary:

What do successful tech companies as diverse as Apple, Facebook, Nike, Salesforce, Google, DropBox and Amazon all have in common? It’s not just about the products they’ve created, it’s about the products they haven’t created. It’s the apps created by external developers on those platforms that have been the key to success. Each uses APIs to provide developers the tools they need to ignite innovation through apps. Did you know 63% of developers join developer programs, and 80% of those feel that developer programs have made them more successful?

This webinar examines:

  • How can I engage developers?
  • How can I provide developers the right tools and right APIs for success?
  • What is best practice for APIs?

The webinar will introduce Strategy Analytics’ latest research program, App Development & APIs. The research covers all aspects of the app and service creation lifecycle, from building to deployment and beyond.

Table of Contents

Introducing ADA
What is an API and why do I need an API strategy?
Case Studies
Creating an API strategy

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