Author: Josh Martin

Publication Date: Sep 10 2015

Pages: 5

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Application Insights

App-le Event: Apps are the past, the present and the future

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Report Summary:

On Wednesday September 9th Apple introduced several products including the iPhone 6s, the iPad Pro and the oft rumoured updated Apple TV. Apple went to great lengths to remind the world that native apps were coming to the Apple Watch and that apps would be core to the Apple TV experience. At the culmination of the event it was clear that Apple will use its hardware, its user base and its new technology to demand an ever increasing share of publishers, content owners and developer devotion to iOS to the detriment of other platforms.

Table of Contents

Five key takeaways explored

  1. iPad Pro opens up the next frontier for apps by focusing on high value categories such as medical
  2. Apple’s TV apps initiative seems unclear
  3. The transition to native Watch apps has already won over a major Apple Watch holdout - Facebook
  4. 3D touch will change how users interact with apps while also potentially reducing developer revenue
  5. The iPhone and iPad become accessories making iOS ever more exclusive

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