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Developing, Monetizing and Maintaining an engaging app is hard!Let us help you make it easier.

Today, you need to consider many things when developing your mobile application strategy, such as:

  • What are the best testing services to ensure an app works across a spectrum of devices?
  • Which app store optimization vendor should I work with?
  • Which advertising channels are driving loyal lifetime users?
  • What are the best monetization strategies?
  • How do I engage with developer communities?


These are just a few of the hundreds of questions that marketers, developers and product managers just like you ask yourself every day. In order to help you easily answer these questions Strategy Analytics has developed a comprehensive research framework. It allows clients to quickly get updated and expand their knowledge of a topic through our best practice reports, vendor profiles and curated content analysis.

Our flexible service packages allow clients to purchase a topic (such as Marketing Automation), a module (such as Engage) or an all you can eat package providing insight across the application lifecycle.

Our secret sauce lies in our research process that combines a thorough and rigorous review of a particular topic, the top vendors and the best practices to create easily consumable output for our clients reducing the amount of time required to make informed decisions.



We spend a lot of time doing research. In fact, our process is so thorough vetting often takes more than 50 hours per topic. Spread that time investment across the 12 topics in our research framework and suddenly you need 600 extra hours in your year. Our process will help you make informed decisions – fast!

This insight combined with three proprietary data sources ensure we are staying abreast of market trends while also providing a unique and unrivaled perspective on the mobile apps market.

So, if you’re building an app, have an app or understand that mobile is essential to the future of your business let us help. Our experience in the apps space, expertise in mobile and day to day interaction with vendors allows us to:
  • Ask & answer key questions you should be thinking about
  • Curate the mass of available content to highlight what is most important for you
  • Recommend the best vendors to suit your needs
  • Analyze the biggest differences among the vendors competing for your business
  • Suggest best practices from the thousands of pieces of content, hundreds of articles and dozens of conversations we have
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