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AR Insight and Application Practice White Paper

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Report Summary:

AR has a truly transformative potential. It is already starting to deliver on this in the enterprise space. While the few hit consumer AR apps on the smartphone give a hint of the future, the advent of consumer AR headsets and their deep integration with 5G are likely to bring new use cases. In-vision augmentation of the real world will open up new possibilities.

The likelihood is that to achieve a mass market price point, consumer AR headsets will also be tethered to the smartphone. This is a natural pairing, since AR’s main benefits come from mobility use cases. For a low-cost device, more processing will also have to be in the cloud.  This means that the device, network and content will all have to work together in tandem to deliver the best possible experience. Partnerships across the value chain will be critical to allow the AR market to flourish to its full potential.

The AR Insight and Application Practice White Paper looks at current and future AR best practice and implementation, giving insights across the value chain on building a successful AR ecosystem.

This report is jointly published by Strategy Analytics and Huawei.

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
2 AR Insights & Industry Trends
2.1 AR Market Today and Tomorrow
2.2 Key Questions
3 AR Devices
3.1 AR Device Market Growth
4 AR Use Cases
4.1 Consumer Use Cases
4.1.1 AR Today: Smartphone Based
4.1.2 Social Communication
4.1.3 Games
4.1.4 Education
4.1.5 Retail
4.1.6 Navigation & Tourism
4.1.7 Health & Fitness
4.2 Enterprise Use Cases
4.3 Predicting the Apps of the Future
5 Local versus Cloud Apps
5.1 AR Development Platforms
5.1.1 On-device App Tools
5.1.2 Enterprise Tools: Device and Cloud Combined
5.1.3 Cloud AR Development Tools
6 Network Enablers for AR Use Cases
6.1 3GPP AR Examples that can be delivered today... and some that come later
6.2 QoS Characteristics for AR over 5G
6.2.1 Resource Type
6.2.2 Latency
6.3 Accurate Positioning is Another Benefit of 5G
6.4 Outdoor mobility is necessary for many AR use cases
6.5 Edge Compute and Storage essential for ultra-low latency
6.6 Cloud Core network and Hyperscaler Interoperability
6.7 Network Slicing – Cost Effective Guaranteed Consumer QoS
7 Recommendations
7.1 Devices
7.2 Networks
7.3 Business & Ecosystem
7.3.1 Mapping the Landscape
8 Conclusions
8.1 Huawei’s Vision

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