Author: Michael Goodman

Co Author: Nitesh Patel

Publication Date: Apr 30 2019

Pages: 9

Report Type: Insight, Word

 TV & Media

Will Apple Arcade Succeed Where Others Have Failed?

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Report Summary:

Apple, already one of the largest distributors of mobile games globally via the App Store, is launching Apple Arcade, a monthly subscription service that provides unlimited access to a curated selection of titles similar to Xbox's Game Pass, Sony’s PlayStation Now, and Electronic Arts' Origin Access (PC).

This insight focuses on the inherent challenges facing Apple as it aims to succeed where others have failed, introducing a subscription business model to games.

Table of Contents

I.     What is Apple Arcade?
II.    Overcoming Free-to-Play
III.   Making the Economics Work
IV.   Conclusion
V.    Additional Questions
VI.   How Can We Help You?

Exhibit 1 - Income Patterns: Free-to-Play versus Unlockable
Exhibit 2 - Apple Installed Base (excluding Mac)
Exhibit 3 - % Share Smartphone Installed Base by Operating System

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