Author: Michael Goodman

Co Author: Michael Goodman

Publication Date: Jan 05 2018

Pages: 18

Report Type: Report, Word

 TV & Media

T-Mobile Sets Eyes on Pay TV Market with Layer3 TV Acquisition

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Report Summary:

With the acquisition of Layer3 TV, T-Mobile will enter the $115B U.S. pay TV market, a market dominated by high priced, bloated, legacy pay TV services that are ripe for disruption.

This report examines how T-Mobile can take advantage of its acquisition of Layer3 TV and the opportunities and challenges it faces in the pay TV market.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. SWOT Analysis
   3.1 Strengths
   3.2 Weaknesses
   3.3 Opportunities
   3.4 Threats
4. Conclusion
5. How Can We Help You?

Exhibit 1: TV and Video Ecosystem
Exhibit 2: T-Mobile Subscriptions
Exhibit 3: T-Mobile Share of Wireless Subscribers in U.S.
Exhibit 4: Layer3 TV DVR vs. Competition
Exhibit 5: Customer Satisfaction w/Pay TV Providers
Exhibit 6: US Pay TV Subscriptions (Legacy and Total) and Legacy Pay TV ARPU
Exhibit 7: T-Mobile Net Additions

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