Author: Jason Blackwell

Publication Date: Oct 07 2010

Pages: 23

Report Type: Report, Word

 TV & Media

3DTV Will Consumers Buy It

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Report Summary:

Over 70% of those who have seen 3D in the movie theater are impressed by its quality, but only 55% of those same individuals say they’re interested in watching 3DTV at home. How can Service Providers translate the cinematic excitement around 3D into a viable residential business? Leveraging Strategy Analytics’ proprietary modeling, as well as a 4,800-respondent consumer survey fielded in July 2010, this report explores the market opportunity for 3DTV as well as barriers to adoption. It identifies and analyzes profiles of those demographics most inclined to consume—and potentially pay for—3DTV.

Table of Contents

    1 Executive Summary
    2 Methodology and Key Inputs
      2.1 Strategy Analytics 3DTV Forecast and Model
      2.2 Strategy Analytics Digital Consumer Survey
    3 3DTV Market Opportunity
    4 3DTV Barriers
      4.1 Market Awareness and Uncertainty
      4.2 Customer Interest and Expectation of Paying
      4.3 Content Availability
      4.4 Hardware Requirements/Need for Glasses
    5 Target: "Cube Tubers"
    6 Implications and Imperatives
    7 Conclusions
      7.1 Contact the author of this report
    Exhibit 1: Conceptual Forecast Methodology
    Exhibit 3: Overall 3DTV Understanding and Uncertainty
    Exhibit 4: Perceived Health Risk by Country ("3DTV Causes Eye Damage")
    Exhibit 5: Percentage of Respondents "Somewhat" or "Very" Impressed with Quality of 3D They Have Seen in Cinema
    Exhibit 6: Percentage of Respondents "Somewhat" or "Very" Interested in 3DTV Channels and Programming
    Exhibit 7: Percentage of Respondents Expecting to Pay Any Premium for 3DTV Services (Monthly and One-Time)
    Exhibit 8: Selected 3DTV Rollouts
    Exhibit 9: Profile of a "Cube Tuber"
    Exhibit 10: Percentage of Cube Tubers Playing Video Games at Least Once or More per Week
    Exhibit 11: Percentage of Cube Tubers Expecting to Pay Any Premium for 3DTV Services

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